Forage Handling With DumpDek

We feel DumpDeks offer distinct advantages for forage handling. Here's why:

Capacity Equals Efficiency
Our blow deck's dumping deck ensures that your blower can keep running at full capacity all day, freeing the operator to simply dump loads and go back to the field for more.

Convenient Setup and Transportation
The DumpDek can changed from transport to unloading position in a jiffy, simply park beside the forage blower, plug in the hydraulic hoses, fold up the rear wheels and your ready to go! When your done, moving to the next job is also as easy as that.

Despite its large size the DumpDek with its wagon style transport is easy to move on the road. With its wheels tucked underneath the deck, on most roads both tires can be on the pavement without it crossing the centerline. It comes standard with lights and signals and can be pulled with a truck or tractor.

Cost Effective
Blow decks are a cost effective solution for filling upright silos. For farmers and custom operators with dump trucks or dump trailers, purchasing one blow deck can eliminate the need for 3 or more self unloading forage wagons. (And keep in mind that dump boxes offer more volume and are useful in many applications.)

DumpDek Durability
The serviceable life expectancy of a DumpDek forage deck is also much longer than conventional forage wagons. The DumpDek is built with rock-solid, welded, heavy gauge steel construction. And the fact that it is operated as a stationary unit, as opposed to a conventional silage wagon that travels the field with it's unloading apparatus, reduces unit wear and tear.

DumpDek Versatility
Our blow decks can also be used as a bagger tender to unload trucks when putting silage into an ag bag. Contact us for more details.

“We love our Dumpdek, we have used it for a few seasons and it has worked perfectly. We recommend the dumpdek and have have been happy to show it to folks who are interested.” -Dairy Farmer, Leduc Alberta