DumpDek Features & Specs

dumping deck Dump & Go DeckDumping Deck increases deck capacity and conveniently dumps forage into the main blow deck.
Wagon-Style Transport Wagon-Style Transport Safe and easy transportation. No jacks needed
HD Gear Box HD Hydraulic Drive gear Box on main apron chain provides smooth operation with low maintenance
Fold-up Rear Wheel Fold-up Rear Wheel Convenient fold-up rear wheel. During setup, slightly raise dumping deck and flip wheels up.
Fold-up Rear Wheel Optional Hydraulic Fold-up Rear Wheel Add this option to fold-up transport wheels hydraulically.
Lights and Signals Optional Lights and Signals Optional lights and signals ensure the DumpDek is ready for road travel
Additional DumpDek Features:
  • Variable-speed hydraulic drive
  • Bi-directional cross conveyer
  • Straight-forward, robust design
  • Convenient wagon-style transportation
  • Easy setup-less than 5 minutes
  • Standard third beater
DumpDeks can be completely customized. Common options inlcude:
  • Electric remote control
  • Self-contained hydraulic system
  • Operator platform and work lights
  • Lights and signals
DumpDek Specifications
  • Main deck length: 16"
  • Main deck width: 132" (inside)
  • Side Height: 68" with ext.
  • Dumping deck length, 16.5 feet
  • Dumping deck side height, 4 feet
  • Overall Width: 146"
  • Apron chain: 667KC
  • Cross conveyer chain: CA550
  • Hubs and spindles: 6000lb
  • Capacity (approx.): 1,500 cu/ft
  • Unloading time (approx.): 4-12 minutes
  • Minimum hydraulic flow required: 15gpm
  • Optimal hydraulic flow: 24gpm
“Hauling silage on the highway is much safer on todays busy highways using a highway tractor trailer than tractors and wagons. Our dumpdek keeps the blower fed at a consistent rate while the truck can quickly go back to the field for more forage.” —Dairy Farmer, Gatineau Quebec